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OGC President's Message March 2020

Please Note: the March 26th meeting has been cancelled and the Past Presidents' tea is postponed. Watch your email for updates on other schedule changes as decisions are made. Stay safe and enjoy time in your garden. 

With longer evenings we will be able to enjoy the gardens more later in the day! Hooray! I read somewhere that gardening is a subtle art/science because plants require delicately balanced conditions to thrive. This just reinforces my attitude toward gardening: It's all just one big science project! My latest science experiment is propagating roses from cuttings which are stuck into a potato and planted in a 6" deep trough with a bit of sand in the bottom of the trough. The cuttings need to be young and straight and about 9" long, with the bottom cut off just below a leaf bud. Pluck the leaves off of the bottom half, stick it into a small potato and bury them in the sand lined trough. The potato keeps the rose cutting moist while it roots! I'll let you know of my progress if this is successful! If you choose to experiment with this, please do let me know so we can spread the concept!


Our March 26th meeting will be honoring and celebrating our Past Presidents' contributions to our successful Olympia Garden Club! We'll be having a "Mad Hatter Tea Party" wearing fussy hats and using our silver tea service and tea plates. Please join in the fun wearing your best hat!


April will be busy each Thursday with all the flower bed clean ups at the church and parts of Priest Point Park just prior to our Arbor Day celebration there.


I look forward to seeing you all then!


Vicki Kammerer


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