OGC President's Message Summer 2020

Greetings everyone! 


My garden is a riot of color with the foxglove, hypericum, phlox, columbine, hosta, daylilies, calendula, nasturtiums, dianthus, calla lilies, fuchsias, lobelia, alyssum, Jerusalem sage, chrysanthemums, campanula, crocosmia, cornflowers, hydrangeas, rose compion, daisies, astilbe, honeysuckle,  and perennial geraniums in full bloom! Thank you everyone for the years of sharing flower starts!


This summer has been very unique and I hope that you are all out enjoying your gardens as much as I've been enjoying working in mine! With so much more time at home I've been landscaping my backyard which was a big blank canvas. Having so many of my plants in big pots, I've been using them like "rooted" vases, moving them to the patio and around the yard to accent different areas of the gardens as they bloom. The only drawback with plants in big pots is that they have to be watered frequently! 


I've been experimenting with so many different things in my garden this year. I've been enjoying fresh lettuce nearly every day by just cutting the largest leaves off and letting the rest grow. My lettuce garden does, however, have a strange appearance. My lettuce is growing under a nice neat row of one-gallon plastic milk cartons with the bottoms cut out! They are nice little hot houses and great protection from the rabbits that frequent my yard. Dahlias from Debbie and Judy are over a foot tall and I've spotted a couple buds forming! I've enjoyed fresh raspberries from the plants that Laura was so kind to share with me. Thank you all! 


My Sun Gold cherry tomatoes are blooming but not many tomatoes are setting on. I'm thinking this has to do with our pollinators as I don't see as many bees and butterflies around the yard as I used to. It's such a good reminder that we really need to protect the pollinators since much of our food depends on them. 


Driving around to different neighborhoods, I have been collecting ideas for landscaping my own home.  It's a joy to see the flowers that are in bloom and the care that people have taken with their yards and gardens. As we start getting back to normal, I hope you make time to go out and see the gardens and nurseries around our area. 


I'm so looking forward to the time when we can get together again and enjoy each other's friendship and gardening knowledge. 


 Stay safe and keep on  gardening!


Vicki Kammerer


Service Projects


- Arbor Day - Priest Point Park
- Merrie Makings
- Memorial Garden
- Blue Star Markers

- Flower Shows

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