April President's Message

They say April Showers bring May flowers and after the March showers we have had, some of my flowers

are blooming already. I enjoy walking around my neighborhood to see what’s blooming in the gardens!

Once again all nine of my fuchsia baskets have survived the winter and are showing new green growth. I

have taken them from their semi-protected winter spot on the ground between the cedar fence and the

aluminum storage shed and hung them up on their brackets. I hope it isn’t too early but I saw that

Fuchsia Saturday is April 10th, so I’m hopeful.

The program at our next meeting should be a fun exploration of horticulture, “The 7 Plants that Changed

the World.” Before our April 29th meeting, start your list of the 7 plants you think could have such a huge

impact. It will be fun to learn which ones they are! With the local school horticulture grants being

awarded it will be interesting to share some of the projects the teachers and students have planned. 

There’s everything from worm beds to rain barrels!

I hope you are all staying healthy and enjoying this extra time at home to prepare your gardens for

Spring, Summer, and Fall here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Happy planting!

Vicki Kammerer

President, Olympia Garden Club

Service Projects


- Arbor Day - Priest Point Park
- Merrie Makings
- Memorial Garden
- Blue Star Markers

- Flower Shows

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