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2016 Black Hills District Meeting Flower Show

Here are photos of some of the winners from the District flower show, titled "Expeditions" along with a brief explanation of each design or category. Congratulations to the winners.

District Meeting

This is a winning entry in a miniature designs class. Miniature designs in the class were 3” to 5” in height and were made from a combination of both fresh and dried plant material. The winner of this award was Cherie Wiseman.

This is the winner of the table setting design section. This is a Type I Exhibition table setting which must contain a complete floral unit. The Phyllis Danielson award was given to Linda Maida for this entry.

This is the big award winner of the day, winning the Award of Design Excellence. This is a reflective design, which is a creative design containing materials that reflect, give back an image of light or other components to the viewer. The award was won by Linda Maida of the Black Hills Designers.

This is an example of a Type II Exhibition table design which does not have to have a complete floral unit but just has to contain plant material within the design.  This was the blue ribbon winner in that class which was exhibited by JoAnne Sandell.

One of the classes in our Artistic Crafts Division was to make a handmade map. This is the entry that won the JoAnn Goldman and Artistic Craft award and was entered by Sharon McKissick. 

This is the photo that won the Photo Award in Section 3 of the Special Exhibits portion of the show. Photos were to be 5 x 7 photos in portrait format and matted in black. Donna Bogumill won the award for this Section.

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