May President's Message

Gardening is such a relaxing hobby for me, along with being one big science experiment. The joy of seeing the flowers blooming has been a great source of satisfaction during this year of the pandemic. As many of you know I'm an in-person hugger and this year of learning "computer-ese" has been a real journey for me. Thank you for your patience!


As I look out in my backyard, I can see bleeding hearts, bachelor buttons, primroses, forget me nots, rosemary, calendula, pulmonaria, euphorbia, lobelia, beautiful calla lilies, and an azalea in bloom. The iris and snowball bush are budded and will be popping open soon. The several varieties of hostas are creating massive green filler in the shady flower beds. All the pretty flowers just makes my heart sing!


I have experiments in progress, too. I have put out oatmeal along the edge of my newly seeded flower bed to see if they actually do attract and diminish slugs, along with crushed eggshells. I've been working on creating more soil by composting all of my kitchen vegetative scraps and keeping that out of the landfill. I've planted dahlias with the hope of seeing sprouts soon and I put baking soda on the cherry tomato soil to see if I get sweeter tomatoes.


So many of my neighbors are gardening this year as we stay at home more. At least one good thing has come from the pandemic!

Happy gardening to you,

Vicki Kammerer