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"Zootopia" Flower Show

Sponsored by the Olympia Garden Club

October 13, 2017

Open 12:00 to 2:30 p.m.

Thurston County Fairgrounds, 3054 Carpenter Rd SE, Lacey, WA

Public Welcome -- Free Admission

Eligibility:  Entries may be made by members of the Black Hills District of Garden Clubs and Student Judges from any District.


Advanced Entries:  Advanced entries required in Division II, Division III and Division IV.  Call consultant in each Section by October 6 2017.  If, after entering, the designer is unable to fulfill the assignment, it is the designer's responsibility to find a replacement and notify the Consultant.  In an emergency, please call the Consultant.


Entry Time:  All entries accepted from 8:30 to 9:30 AM Friday October 13, 2017 at the back door to the annex of Heritage Hall at the Thurston County Fairgrounds.  Entry/Classification Chairman will check for conformity to the schedule.


Judging:  Judging will start at 10:00 AM using the  NGC Standard System of Awarding.  Decision of the Judges is final.  Awards may be withheld if not merited.

  1. Exhibits must be fresh and grown by exhibitor.

  2. Exhibits must be labeled with the correct botanical name including cultivar, (variety) when possible.

  3. There is no limit on the number of entries per exhibitor if each entry is of a different cultivar, color or type.

  4. Classes may be subdivided by type, color or as determined by the show committee.

  5. Wedging with plastic wrap, foam or wood is permitted.

  6. Cut specimens should be a length of pleasing proportions unless otherwise noted.

  7. Good grooming and conditioning is important.  No enhancement of foliage is permitted.

  8. Cut specimens should not have foliage under water.

  9. Clear, uncolored glass bottles will be used for cut specimens. Exhibitor may provide bottles or use those available at the fairgrounds. 

  10. Entries must be removed by 2:30 PM Friday October 13, 2017.


Section A  "Show Ponies"   


Eligible for Award of Merit, Betty Belcher Award & Horticulture Excellence Award


Section A.  Annuals.

Present as a cut specimen (1 if bloom if over 2", 3  blooms if bloom is under 2".

       Class   1. Asteraceae -  Aster

                   2.  Asteraceae - zinnias

                   3.  Cosmosbipinnatus - Cosmos

                   4.  Healianthus - Sunflowers

                   5. Tagetes - Marigolds

                   6.  Any other named  annual of merit


Section B. "Big Cats"  


Eligible for Award of Merit, Betty Belcher Award and Horticulture Excellence Award


Section B.  Perennials.

Present as a cut specimen (1 stem if bloom is over 2", 3 stems if under 2").

         Class 7.  Dahlia

                    8.  Chrysanthemum

                    9.  Hylotelephium - Sedum

                   10. Rudbeckia

                   11. Any other named perennial of merit


Section C. "Elephants"

Shrubs & trees grown for fall color

Eligible for Arboreal Award & Betty Belcher Award and Horticulture Excellence Award


Section C.  Shrubs &Trees  

Presented as a cut specimen not less than 12" nor more that 30" in length.

        Class  12.  Evergreen Shrub

                   13.  Deciduous Shrub

                   14.  Evergreen Tree

                   15.  Deciduous Tree        


Section D -" Hippos"

Edible Produce

Eligible for Award of Merit, Betty Belcher Award and Horticulture Excellence Award

Presented on a styrofoam tray provided by show committee.


Section D-1  Fruits.

         Class 16.  Apples (2 required)

         Class 17.  Pears (2 required)

         Class 18.  Berries (1/2 cup required)

         Class 19. Any other worthy fruit (2)


Section D-2 Vegetables (5 if small, 3 if medium, 1 if large)

         Class 20. Root vegetables,( carrots, potato, onion, etc)

         Class 21.  Cucurbitacae (pumpkin, squash, gourds etc.)

         Class 22.  Tomato

         Class 23.  Any other vegetable


Section D-3

         Class 24.  Any named herb specimen (3 stems)


Section E  "Monkey Business"

Container grown plants

Eligible for the Betty Belcher Award, Grower's Choice Award and Horticulture Excellence Award

Containers are limited to 12" in diameter. Except class 27 & 28 which may be up to 16" in length or diameter.


         Class 25.  Grown Indoors

         Class 26.  Grown Outdoors

         Class 27. Combination planter - multiple plants in 1 container.  Accessories allowed

         Class 28.  Sedum & Succulents

         Class 29.  Any other container grown planter


  1. Advanced entry required.  Call Consultant by Oct 6, 2017.  If, after entering, the designer is unable to fulfill the assignment, it is the designer's responsibility to find a replacement and notify the consultant.

  2. Each design must be the work of one individual.

  3. Some plant material must be used in all classes.

  4. Accessories are permitted in all classes unless prohibited by the schedule.

  5. No artificial plant material or embellishment of fresh plant material is allowed.  Fresh plant material may not be dyed, painted or otherwise treated.

  6. Properties (staging) will be provided by Show Committee unless otherwise stated.

  7. Use of valuable components is discouraged since the Showroom has a concrete floor.

  8. Please do not remove designs until 2:30 pm.

  9. All walls are painted beige.

  10. 3 x 5 card with listing of all plant material in design required.


Design Glossary:

1.  Small design - A design which is 8" or less in height, width and depth (HB 73).

2.  Miniature design - A design which may not exceed five (5) inches in height, width or depth (HB73).

3.  Exhibition Table - An artistic arrangement of table components, within an allotted space, to provide a creative effect without consideration for functional placement.

         Exhibition Type I - Must include a decorative unit (HB76)

         Exhibition Type II - may not include a decorative unit but must           include some plant material (HB 76)

4.  Functional Table - Table exhibit planned and set for actual service of food, capable of functioning for dining as displayed. (HB 76)

5.  Vertical line Design.  A creative design in which vertical  line direction is dominant, characterized by  open silhouette, a minimum of plant material and other (optional) components.(HB74)

6.  Cascade design.  A creative design with an  emphasis on a downward rhythmic movement.  The downward lines may be curved, straight, zigzag, interrupted or may be a combination.  The design is supported by a container or other device.  A minimum of components may extend upward.


All exhibits in design division are eligible for the Award of Design excellence


SECTION A - "Our Favorite Animal"

Designers Choice.   Eligible for the Designers Choice Award and Ellen B. Swenson Award 

Consultant: Nancy Junk  360-705-8277


Class 1.  "Giraffe" Vertical line design.  Staged on black pedestal 18" in diameter and 36" high.

Class 2.  "Zebra"  A Creative Black and White  design staged on 24" X 30" of 8' table.

Class 3.  "Tigers"  A Creative design staged on 24" x 30" of 8' table .

SECTION B - "Aviary"

All fresh designs.  Eligible for the Tricolor Award, Carolyn Erickson Award  and Ellen B. Swenson Award

Consultant: Vicki Kammerer 360-791-3117


Class 4.  "Flamingo"  A creative design staged on 24" X 30"of 8' table

Class 5.  "Peacock"  Cascade design  staged on 24" X 30" of 8' table,    

Class 6.  "Toucan"  A design using a black container staged on black open pedestal 20" in diameter and 36" high.

SECTION C - "Feeding Time at the Zoo"

Table settings.  Eligible for Table Artistry Award, Phyllis Danielson Award and Ellen B. Swenson Award

Consultant: Bobbie Moody 360-352-2228


Class 7.  "Boxed Lunch"  Functional  table design for one for lunch staged on TV tray - must include a box.       

Class 8.  "Sweet Shoppe"  Exhibition table design for snacks staged on 24" x 30" of 8' table

Class 9.  "Food Truck"  Exhibition table design for lunch staged on 24" x 30" of 8' table.               


SECTION D - "Petites"

A design ranging from 3" to 12" in height.  Schedule to determine size.  Eligible for petite Award, Judith Juno Award and Ellen B. Swenson Award

Consultant: Kathi Roberts 360-789-7711


Class 10. "Cub"   All fresh design less than 12" HxWxD.staged on acrylic shelves and/or top of table.

Class 11. "Chick"   5" design in an egg shell.  Combination of plant material staged on brown wire stands with 2.5" round tops.

Class 12. "Joey"   All dried design less than 8" in HxWxD staged on black marbelized blocks.           




Section A.........."Gift Shoppe"

Eligible for Botanical Arts Artistic Craft Award and JoAnn Goldman Award

Consultant: Helen Tafejian 360-570-8325



  1. Exhibit must contain some fresh and/or dried plant material.  Only dried material may be treated.

  2. No artificial, endangered or locally invasive plant material may be used.

  3. Schedule may determine type of craft, staging and number of entries.

  4.  A card listing plant material must be included with all artistic craft entries.

  5. Judged by the Artistic Crafts Scale of Points.


Class 1.  Vegetable Animal - displayed on 8" x 11.5" mat provided by show committee.

Class 2.  Decorated billed cap. displayed on foam head provided by show committee.

Class 3.  Decorated wrist band - under 2" in width staged on jeweler's bracelet display stands

Section B --"On Safari"

Eligible for NGC Botanical Arts Photography Award and Terry Critchlow photography Award

Consultant: Sharon McKissick 360-273-4962


Photography class is intended to stimulate garden/gardening interests, photographic abilities and NGC goals and objectives.


Photos are to be 5" x 7" in portrait format.  Matted with Black 9' x 12'

matte paper .  Photos will be clipped to metal grid provided by show committee.


         Class 1.  "Critters"

         Class 2.  "Flora"

         Class 3.  "Naturescape"        

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