OGC President's Message

I hope you're all staying warm and dry during our period of February snow. Think of it as a good excuse to stay inside with that stack of garden catalogs that seems to keep growing every day. Time to order seed for your summer garden!


It won't be long before we're back to sunny days when we can get out and wander around in the garden. 

The little primroses won’t mind a cozy covering of snow and the bulbs will continue sending up their shoots as soon as the snow melts.


I read somewhere that gardening is a subtle art/science because plants require delicately balanced

conditions to thrive. This just reinforces my attitude toward gardening: It's all just one big science project! My latest experiment was to propagate by layering. I put a stone on a forsythia branch, holding it down into the bark/soil, causing roots to form along the branch while still connected to the parent plant. Three months later I discovered that I had a rooted little forsythia branch! I have pruned it off the parent bush and transplanted it. I’m happy to report that it’s growing good! This type of propagation can be done with any deciduous bush anytime, but it needs to be kept damp. With our rainy winter, that part of the equation happened by default!

The leadership team has met and have delayed in person meetings so we will continue to meet

by Zoom. There is no way to plan when we do not know how far in the future we are isolated

due to the pandemic restrictions and limitations. Currently, the City of Olympia is allowing our

flower bed clean up at Priest Point Park in April, with many restrictions.

Good luck with your gardening activities. If you are interested in joining our amazing club please

use the “Contact Us” hotlink on our home page. Sending positive vibes to all of you and I look

forward to seeing you all in person again, hopefully soon!


Vicki Kammerer

President, Olympia Garden Club

Service Projects


- Arbor Day - Priest Point Park
- Merrie Makings
- Memorial Garden
- Blue Star Markers

- Flower Shows

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