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Talkin' Dirt

Summer Edition 2016

by Mary Beth Riggs



The Olympia Garden Club takes a hiatus during June, July and August as will Talkin’ Dirt.


During this time enjoy your garden with The Three I’s.  Innovative, Inspired and Incredible.




Rise to the occasion creating a vertical garden that is innovative and inspiring.


Just a few ideas include:


Repurpose plumbing pipes

A Living Wall

A Wooden Box

Recycled Bottles

Florafelt* Planters

Shoe Rack


*Florafelt is a material fiber made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.




Find inspiration for designing your garden through ideas, style and design.






Mixed Plantings

Paths and Patios


Walls and Boundaries




Urban Garden

Wildlife Friendly



Cottage Garden


Design with plants

Urban Garden plants: pittosporum,  trachelospermum, Acer, ferns, heuchera

Wildlife Friendly: Hawthorn, sunflower, honeysuckle, sedum, buddlejas

Mediterranean: cypress trees, rosemary, olive trees, palms, phlomis

Contemporary: bamboo, Echinacea, grasses, phormium, euphorbia

Cottage:  foxglove, lavender, delphinium, mock orange, rose


Incredible Garden Results (Inspired people produce results.)


Few places are more relaxing than a garden,

whether it’s simple, extensive,

elegant or filled with so

many flowers you can’t count

them all.


There’s something incredibly

relaxing about strolling through

nature and enjoying the delights

that we have created.


Not all gardens are created

equally however and while

some may captivate you for

but a moment


there are some whose memory

will linger in your mind

forever.    Anonymous


With that said – be innovative, inspired and incredible in your garden.


See you in September!  MBR

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